Offline Patching

Here at CoadCorp, we’ve developed a free Offline Patching Utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems, supporting desktop and server OS from Windows XP all the way up to Windows 2012R2.

Consisting of two components – the Patch Downloader and the Patch Installer – the Offline Patching Utility is designed to be lightweight and portable.  Each component can run independently of the other, and the Patch Installer can be run completely offline.

The Offline Patching Utility is perfect for businesses with low speed internet links, or patching inside a DMZ.

Patch Downloader

The Patch Downloader utility creates an offline repository in a specified folder of all available patches for a selected Microsoft Windows Operating System.  It can obtain the patches from an existing WSUS server (allowing for firewalled or offline wsus installations), or directly from the Windows Update website.

Patch Installer

The Patch Installer utility makes use of the offline repository created by the Patch Downloader, in addition to the Windows Offline Scan file, to firstly display outstanding patches, and secondly to allow those missing patches to be installed.  It generates a text-file report of all patches outstanding, as well as a separate report of the status of all available patches for that system.

The Patch Installer utility can access the offline repository via removable media, or over the network from UNC path, or via a disk drive connected over Remote Desktop.


This software is considered production ready. A number of large corporate environments currently make use of this utility.  Some limited documentation is available, along with the release in this zip file.  For more documentation or to customise this utility for your environment, please Contact Us.


Patch Downloader screenshot

Patch Installer screenshot